Alex Zimmerman – H.O.S.S.


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Alex Zimmerman – H.O.S.S.

This H.O.S.S. was built by the legendary gunsmith, Alex Zimmerman who who invented the H.O.S.S. The Guncrafter Heavy Operating Shooting System is perhaps that more significant upgrade to the 1911 platform since John Moses Browning invented the 1911 platform.

H.O.S.S. (Heavy Operating Shooting System) custom 1911. All of the HOSS improvements make individual parts of the 1911 stronger, and by doing so it increases not only the longevity but also the overall reliability of the pistol. Consider this, a chain is no stronger that its weakest link and we have made the weakest links (parts) MUCH stronger.

  • .45 ACP
  • The HOSS barrel (right) has a 56% greater wall thickness than a standard 1911, and the barrel feet are “beefed up” by 65%, making them less likely to shear off after thousands of rounds fired.
  • The HOSS barrel bushing (right) has a 56% thicker flange than a standard 1911.
  • The HOSS extractor (left) is 33% larger than the extractor in a standard 1911.
  • The HOSS barrel link (left) is wider by 22% than the standard 1911 barrel link.
  • The HOSS plunger tube (left) is secured with four posts and is thicker walled than that of a standard 1911
  • The HOSS slide stop (rear) is also 33% larger than a slide stop in a standard 1911.
  • The HOSS ejector (right) is much more robust than the standard 1911, and much less likely to shear off after hard use.

This gun was hand built by Alex Zimmerman himself and is the finest 1911 handgun we have ever seen.


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