Guncrafter Hellcat X2 Double Stack Commander 10MM Prototype


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Guncrafter Hellcat X2 Double Stack Commander 10MM Prototype:

This is the prototype that Guncrafter built as a proof of concept for a 10MM double stack commander. TRRK TRADING sold this gun back in 2022 and we just reacquired it in it’s original un-fired condition.


  • Slide Top Serrations
  • Flush Cut and Deep Crown Barrel
  • Flush Cut Slide Stop/Chamfered Frame
  • Ball End Mill Cuts

Custom Finish Options:

  • Hot Salt Blue Slide
  • Cheely E2 Steel Grip (Aggressive)
  • Black Oxide Steel Grip
  • Ion Bond Barrel
  • Fluted Chamber
  • Naked Slide
  • Omit Rail
  • Steel frame
  • Green Fiber Optic front Sight
  • U-Notch Rear Sight
  • Carry Cuts

Comes with GI range bag, 2 15-round Staccato magazines, GI lifetime warranty, GI test target, GI microfiber towel, plastic zip lock bag.

*On picture 3 the discoloration you see on the slide on the RCS is simply oil. The gun is in perfect new in bag condition.


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